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Embrace The Healing Power of Yoga 

Yoga is a powerful tool to help with grief and loss. Yoga means union and creates harmony within the mind and body to lift the spirit. When you engage your mind, body and spirit in the grieving process, you create space to find meaning and resilience as you create a life that honors your loved one.

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The Body Remembers

We hold so much in our body including sadness, anger and regret. The body remembers all the loss and holds the issues in our tissues. Grief Yoga will help you let go go of the suffering to embrace peace.

The Gift of Healing

To find healing, we must move through the pain instead of avoiding it. Grief Yoga is a compassionate physical ritual to release negative thoughts and finding powerful ways to embody your power and open your heart. 

Make Way for Love

Connect to the divine spark that lives within. Release the struggle and move into empowerment. Master these simple techniques to live with more love, balance, resilience and energy. Love never dies.


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