A Community of the Heart

with Paul Denniston

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A Community of the Heart

Spark is a private, safe space that invites you to explore mind, body, and spirit techniques to guide you toward compassionate transformation.

This warm-hearted community embraces guided movement rituals to release the pain and grow in empowering ways.

  • Explore new monthly themes, intentions, and reflections

  • Embody movement, breath, and sound to guide you through the obstacles

  • Empower yourself to acknowledge your loss and live in your strength

  • Embrace your special gifts and talents to become your best self

  • Express yourself creatively toward more play and meaning

New Class Every Week

Experience a new weekly movement ritual each week. Paul Denniston will lead you through a flow to enhance this month's theme. Join live or watch the replay anytime. We will move together to release the struggle make way for more love. People of all abilities are welcome.

The Power of Community

You are not alone. In our grief and trauma, and in the hectic pace of our days, we can become isolated. In this caring community, we will support each other in our growth and talk about the things that matter. You can share your heart and stories. Together, we heal.

Spark Healing and Hope

Paul will share insights and suggest weekly prompts to focus on intentional ways to move through the heartbreak of grief and the pain of trauma. To aspire and grow. To compassionately transform and heal with authenticity. To be curious and thoughtful. To re-ignite your spark.

The Love for Yourself

Our body remembers. Explore gentle ways to embrace where you’re feeling wounded. Meet the pain with love. This practice is an offering of kindness to yourself and an embodiment of love to move forward with more resilience and laughter.

There's a Reason You're Here

We’re all struggling in our own way.

You may be aching from trauma or struggling with the brokenheartedness of grief. Perhaps you're navigating the many changes, pressures, disappointments, and transformations that occur throughout our lives.

You understand your potential to transform heartbreak into healing. And you know the importance of embracing your feelings and listening to the wisdom of your heart.

Some part of you may be looking for community, guidance, and dedicated time and space to attend to what is hurting.

The journey toward healing is neither instant nor direct. But along the winding trail, we gain wisdom, compassion, and insight into our purpose and meaning.

We understand that on our path of transformation, we need to give ourselves time to reflect and release what weighs us down, to help connect in a deeper way so we can live with intention, peace, and joy.

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Transformation Begins Here

This compassionate community explores guided movement rituals to release the pain, tap into your resilience and explore more play and meaning. 

  • Instant 24/7 Access to Private Website and Community

  • Each Month We'll Explore a Theme and Go Deep into the Topic and How We Can Transform With It

  • A Weekly LIVE Class Using Movement, Breath, and Sound, to Release Pain and Struggle to Connect to More Empowerment and Love

  • A Supportive Community to Encourage Growth and Cultivate Connection

  • Thoughtful Prompts and Reflections to Take a Deep Dive Into Each Month's Transformative Theme 

  • Flowing Meditations to Open the Heart Toward More Play and Purpose

  • Weekly Music Playlists

  • Join Live or Access the Replays

  • Designed With Your Self-Care in Mind. Access the Training on Your Own Time and at Your Own Pace. 
  • Surprises! We're Adding Special Guests, Talks, Interviews, Videos, Community Gatherings, and Resources Throughout the Process to Support Your Growth and Evolution

  • BONUS Instant Access to Guided Meditations to Tap into Deeper Intuition, Restful Sleep, and Connecting with Our Loved One

What People Are Saying


I noticed energy activate and release in new ways. I feel more grounded in my body and have a greater sense of safety and well-being.


It felt good to move through the many emotions from anger, sadness, and grief to happiness and peace. 


I am feeling a tremendous amount of peace after this class. A lot of pain cleared out of my body. Paul's loving compassionate guidance is a true gift.

Paul Denniston

Paul Denniston is the founder of Grief Yoga®. His book, Healing Through Yoga: Transform Loss Into Empowerment is a comprehensive guide in using yoga, movement, breath, and sound to release pain and suffering to connect to more resilience and love. 

Paul is certified in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Let Your Yoga Dance.

His intention with Grief Yoga is to combine many different forms of yoga in order to help heal grief. Paul has trained thousands of therapists, counselors, and health care professionals worldwide.

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This is a Community to Heal, Feel, Grow, and Transform

Even after the most devastating losses, it’s possible to find balance, hope, and keep moving forward

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