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 Healing Through Yoga

Transform Loss Into Empowerment

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Paul Denniston

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Transform Loss into Empowerment


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Together we'll...

  • Tap into your fire within to burn through pain and hurt to transform the struggle in empowering ways.  
  • Embrace movement, yoga, breath, and sound to release any struggle and disappointment and move through loss with love.
  • Find ways to honor your loss while also recognizing your resilience to spark new purpose moving forward.


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In this online companion course, I'll lead you through a series of 3 weekly classes to transform pain, tap into love, and ignite purpose.

“So often, we think that grief lives only in our hearts and minds. Paul Denniston’s work can help us understand that grief also gets stuck in our bodies. Our emotions need motion, and he has brought a unique, simple, and powerful way of healing to the world.”

— From the foreword by David Kessler —

Praise for the Book:


“A helpful companion no matter where you are in the process of loss.”

—Stephen Cope, founder of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living 


Healing Through Yoga provides a beautiful and compassionate roadmap, guiding us to move through the pain with presence, grace, and power in a way that maintains the body’s health and facilitates healing.” 
Laura Berman, MA, MSW, PhD, award-winning host of Language of Love Podcast and bestselling author of Quantum Love  


“Whether you are walking through your own grief journey, are a loving support system for someone else’s, or are a yoga teacher who is entrusted to guide students through their overwhelm, anxiety, or loss, Healing Through Yoga is an essential resource and one I would highly recommend.” 

—Seane Corn, author of Revolution of the Soul and cofounder of Off the Mat, Into the World


“A must-have companion to all whose hearts are heavy with sorrow and grief.” 

Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One”

Paul Denniston is the founder of Grief Yoga®

A fusion of many forms of yoga, movement, breath, and sound

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