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Move Through the Pain of Grief to Reconnect Back to Love 

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This online training gives you the tools to teach Grief Yoga while also helping you work with your own grief. In addition to discovering the Grief Yoga approach to transforming suffering and reconnecting to love, you learn how to:

  • Address the specific needs of grieving clients
  • Transform trauma in safe and empowering ways
  • Choose appropriate postures, movements, music, and meditations for different Grief Yoga student populations
  • Hold space and guide students through Grief Yoga exercises
  • Tips and techniques to self-regulate when feeling emotionally activated or experiencing trauma
  • Design unique classes for relationship losses, divorce, breakups, and death
  • Access to live online Grief Yoga classes within the Spark community
  • Embracing the yamas and niyamas to help with grief
  • How chakras help to support the grieving process



Any 200-hour yoga certification

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Let Me Be Your Guide

Paul Denniston created Grief Yoga and blends together Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, Laughter Yoga and Chakra Dance into a transformative movement experience. Paul is the author of Healing Through Yoga: Transform Loss Into Empowerment.

This compassionate practice helps to move through anger and grief to create space for grace, love and empowerment.

He has taught this practice to thousands of therapists, counselors and health care professionals around the world. 

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Use Movement, Breath, and Sound to Create a Breakthrough

Each Week You'll Receive

  • Three LIVE Zoom¬†meetings¬†per week with Paul to make sure you are supported
  • All LIVE training sessions will be recorded for you to watch at any time
  • Breakout sessions with other teachers to connect, process, practice teach
  • Weekly introductory teaching videos to show you how to experience and guide others through these powerful exercises
  • Video library with a full explanation of each of the¬†exercises and techniques to help you create classes that inspire transformation
  • Downloadable PDF of each exercise to help you learn the cues to teach and guide others
  • Learn to¬†create different Grief Yoga classes and receive constructive feedback
  • Training on how to lead your students in meditation toward more healing
  • Video library of Grief Yoga classes and flow outlines that you can use with your own students
  • Music playlists to enhance your classes
  • Guided meditations for you and the¬†scripts you can use for your students
  • Guest Speaker David Kessler shares about Grief, Trauma, and Finding Meaning After Loss
  • Affirmations to help inspire and heal after the techniques
  • Access to private Facebook Group (It's going to be awesome!)
  • You will continue to have lifetime access to the training
  • Tips to help you grow your practice and attract more students
  • This is a Yoga Alliance Certified training -100 CE hour credits¬†
  • Bonus¬†guest audiologist on¬†teaching online classes using a microphone, music, and sound


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Grief Yoga® blends postures, movement, breathwork, and vocalization in ways that help students to process the grief that follows any loss.

This online teacher training includes all of the resources you need to expand your practice and create a meaningful experience for your students as you hold space and inspire healing and transformation.

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