Grief Movement Training

Empower yourself, your clients and community to transform pain and struggle into peace and purpose using movement, breath, and sound. 

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Help Your Clients Reach New Levels of Healing

Sometimes talk is not enough.

Pain and struggle get stuck in the body.

The issues are in the tissues.

Too often, we see those we work get stuck in rumination, the story, and the pain of the past.

You can't think your way out of the pain.

The body remembers.

It's important to move through it. 

There is a union between the body, mind, and spirit. 

Use the power of movement, breath, and sound to inspire others to release the pain and struggle to connect to love, harmony, and peace.


I would love to share this practice with you!

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Become a Grief Movement Guide

In this Training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use movement, breath, and sound to guide others to break though the heaviness of grief.
  • Choose specific exercises, movements, and meditations to meet your clients' needs.
  • Learn the Cycle of Compassionate Transformation to release pain and move towards peace.
  • Empower others to share their vulnerability while also embracing their strength.
  • Guide others who have experienced past trauma to feel safe and empowered.
  • Embody techniques to move through anger, guilt, and regrets.
  • Explore empathy in a compassionate way while not taking on another person’s pain.
  • Use your grief to transform yourself and hold space for others.

The Body Remembers

Take your practice to the next level.

Use movement, breath and sound to embrace a mind / body / spirit approach to compassionately allow sadness and anger to move through.

This movement program and exercises are a tool to help release the pain. 

Embrace these exercises and techniques to help release struggle and allow space for new insights, harmony, appreciation, love and forgiveness.

This transformative movement practice is all done from a chair and isn’t so much about physical flexibility as it is emotional liberation.

Use Movement, Breath, and Sound to Create a Breakthrough

Each Week You'll Receive

  • Weekly introductory teaching videos to show you how to experience and guide others through these powerful exercises
  • Live Online teaching with Paul to answer your questions, dive into the training and gain confidence in sharing these exercises with your people
  • Over 50 video exercises that you'll be able to experience yourself and learn the tools to share them with others
  • Downloadable PDF of each exercise to help you learn how to teach and guide others
  • Guided meditations that you can use for yourself and your clients
  • After-Thoughts and reflections to create breakthroughs following the exercises. Also, affirmations to help inspire and heal after the techniques
  • Guest Speaker David Kessler sharing about Grief, Trauma and Finding Meaning After Loss
  • Access to private Facebook Group (It's going to be awesome!)
  • All LIVE training sessions will be recorded for you to watch any time.


The combination of movement, breath and sound has been the most impactful on my own journey. I already have been introducing some of the movements to my clients.


This training went way beyond my expectations. I love the way you teach us from both our own healing perspective as well as from a practitioner perspective.


I healed at a deeper level to continue my mission of serving others. A transformation that I experienced was forgiving and being more kind to myself. I'm grateful for this training.

 Become a Grief Movement Guide

I would love to share this practice with you to help bring a mind / body / spirit approach to help your clients move though the heaviness of grief and find more empowerment.

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