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Release the Pain and Struggle to Lift Your Spirit and Reconnect to More Love
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Use Grief As Fuel For Healing

How the Grief Yoga Chair Course Works

  • Exclusive yoga classes with a cycle of transformation using grief as fuel for healing
  • Step-by-step process to let go of pain to create a new path and vision moving forward of hope and wisdom

  • Release the pain and grief that is held in your body to make room for peace and hope

  • Targeted classes to get results quickly
  • Guided mind and body connection to move and release the pain of grief
  • Instant Access - Stream from any device
  • No yoga mat is necessary

  •  All done from a chair

  • Not about physical flexibility but about emotional liberation
  • Just bring your willingness to release struggle to move forward with empowerment
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Don't Get Stuck in Grief

When we don't feel feelings fully, they get stuck in our bodies. As much as we may want to avoid the pain, or try to think our way out of the struggle, the body remembers

Using a mind/body connection can be a powerful way to move with and through grief to use it as fuel for healing. 

Grief Yoga combines many forms of yoga, movement, breath, and sound to release pain and struggle to connect to more empowerment and love.

This practice isn't as much about physical flexibility as it is about emotional liberation.

Let go of pain and reconnect to love and the gift of life.

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The Cycle of Compassionate Transformation

Classes Included Are:


Restore– A nurturing practice to help you get grounded and connected to your breath and movement with gentle stretching.

Flow– Release pain and struggle in powerful ways to help wash away the hurt and connect to more loving kindness.

Courage– Releasing anger, fear, and resentments in powerful ways using movement, breath, and sound to connect to your warrior within.

Grace– Compassionately moving through struggle, regrets, and pain with movement and breath to heal the hurt and revitalize the heart.

Transformation– Embody a warrior strength to transform your struggle and obstacles in empowering ways to open your heart toward more peace.

Trust– Using movement and breath to break through fear, doubt, and self-criticism to guide you to appreciate the process and embrace the wisdom within.

Union- Grounded connection of movement, breath and sound to transform pain, anger, and sadness to help elevate your spirit toward more love.

BONUS Transformative Flows

Transform Anxiety into Peace

Anxiety can be our teacher and show us that something needs to be addressed so we can find peace.

Transform Fear into Courage

This empowering sequence will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem so you can shift your fear into love.

Transform Anger into Purpose

This compassionate class ignites a fire within to release anger and fear. Burn through your resistance, pain, and hurt in empowering ways and tap into purpose.

Transform Guilt into Grace

Guilt teaches us to learn from our mistakes and to avoid making further ones in the future. This transformational flow helps us to release guilt and move forward with grace. 

Transform Sadness into Love

Grief is a quiet energy that can nurture a broken heart. To process grief, you have to feel it. Connect to where you’re feeling sadness in your body. Tears are evidence of your love. 

Transform Trauma into Resilience

In this compassionate flow, I invite you to transform trauma to move forward feeling more centered and empowered.

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"I’m a bit intimidated by yoga. I’ve had multiple injuries and I’m still dealing with my balance. I found this a brilliant way to release pent up emotional energy. It felt liberating and empowering."


"These classes gave me the chills. It was a confirmation that I need to bring more movement to process my challenging emotions. My mother just passed away and I have felt myself feeling stuck along the way. Thank you for making the course available from a chair. I find these classes so helpful as I heal."


"I took Paul’s Grief Yoga chair class at a time when I was searching for ways to process complicated grief about past trauma. I was doing therapy, journaling and lots of talking with friends. His Grief Yoga Chair class was more effective that any of it. His exercises and technique are designed to surface and acknowledge specific sub-emotions that are a part of grief, such as anger and regret. For grief is not just sadness. It is many things. Paul ministered to every aspect of my grief, creating a unique somatic experience to honor each one. I can’t wait to do it again and heal even more. Definitely an experience worth repeating."


"I am so thankful for Paul's Grief Yoga class, from a chair! I was so genuinely moved by the experience. Virtually; I can feel Paul's presence and compassion through his soothing tone of voice and the way he communicates with grace. I was so grateful to have this opportunity to release and express feelings that have felt so stuck inside of me. I really felt like I was able to let go of some sadness and anger that I have been feeling for quite some time. After the class, I felt a sense of calm and peace. I would highly recommend this session"


Elevate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with this Powerful Grief Yoga Chair Course

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